Concrete with a thickness of 1 meter or more is likely to have a temperature accumulation. The core area is higher than 80 degrees Celsius, resulting in damage to the concrete due to cracking due to temperature. Low heat type concrete has beendeveloped to allow the heat generated by the reaction of concrete to be the lowest on the compressive strength limit. The size of the structure and the construction period, etc. The maximum temperature analysis in advance will help prepare concrete pouring potential betterAnd reduce cracking problems due to temperature.


      Industrial concrete floor Suitable for factory floor Or structures that require extra strength of the face Can be used instead of pouring concrete and coating the surface with the material Floor Hardener. There is no separation between the concrete and the coating layer. The concrete has a higher compressive strength and consistency than the polished concrete that uses concrete surface coating and can withstand the abrasive strength better.


      Self-Compacting Concrete Suitable for general concrete structures that are difficult to flow into, such as narrow columns with erect height, tight reinforcing steel, complex structure with direct pouring directions, repair work or concrete pouring work that needs to reduce costs from the pouring period and labor. This type of concrete has a high ability to pour easily, without the need to hijack, difficult to separate. When passing obstacles, including Barrier or reinforcing steel. The concrete will flow through by bringing the stones together, the cement paste is stronger than general concrete.


      At present, the structure design approach focuses on smaller structures to increase the usable space of the building. Therefore, the structure is designed by requiring the concrete to have a higher load from 400 kg/cm2 and above. Concrete with high compressive strength must be carefully attentive to details. From the design of concrete ingredients, the quality of the materials used to produce concrete and the production control to be in accordance with the design. In order to receive compressive strength according to the desired target. Which can produce concrete with the maximum compressive strength of 800 kg/cm2.In addition, the concrete design takes into account long-term durability, reducing cracking and has a good ability to pour.


      At present, the construction structure requires speed of work. Accelerate the time to reproduce or want to activate the structure urgently. Which the concrete hardens quickly, can meet the needs well, can develop compressive strength in the early hours, wear-resistant and also has a higher opacity than general concrete. Which proportion of concrete mix Can be designed according to compressive strength and time required.


      The structure of the steel reinforcement in conditions that must be exposed to sea water or coastal areas, is not able to use general concrete for work. Because in the sea water contains chloride salts (CI-) and sulfur salts (SO4-) makes it unable to withstand corrosion and cause rust to cause the concrete to crack out. Which the concrete for the marine environment is designed for use in such conditions well, the concrete is low porosity, reduces chloride permeability problems and the reaction that occurs from chloride, making the structure last for a long time.


      Concrete Slip Form is suitable for concrete pouring. The system is poured vertically by using a hydraulic jack to drive the cast iron. When the concrete begins to harden,the concrete is able to pour well, with the time to start the solidification of concrete in accordance with the slip without being too fast or too slow. Produce smooth concrete with little bubbles no cavities or porosity. Depending on the cleanliness of the steel and the slip in accordance with the solidification of the concrete, the slip time can be set from 2 hours 30 minutes more from the start of the concrete mix.



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