"Producing ready-mixed concrete that meets the highest quality requirements of customers"


"Provide delivery service with accuracy. At the time of appointment "


"Developing the organization for excellence continuously and sustainably"


"Have social responsibility Public relations And emphasize the management of waste from production that affects the environment "


"Develop personnel to have knowledge Work expertise To develop the organization into a learning organization "


"Increase production potential with modern technology Coupled with product research and development "


"Looking for opportunities and marketing channels To expand the business to grow continuously Covering all regions across the country "


Standard quality Impressive service Namheng Concrete (1992) Co., Ltd. is a company in Nam Heng Group, head office 569 Rama III Road,Bang Phongphang, Yannawa,Bangkok 10120,over 5 rai. By conducting the business of producing ready-mixed concrete, Sell general construction units since 1980.


Namheng Concrete (1992) Co.,Ltd.(Head Office)
Address : 569 Rama III , Bangpongpang ,
Yanawa , Bangkok 10120
Tel : +66-2295-0901-10 Or +66-2295-31222
Email : admin@namhenggroup.com
HR : personal@namhenggroup.com