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Using information on this website

NHG is an owner and exclusive solely for all information appear on a website, whether any form. All information protected by the law. You can access, copy, download or order print information on the website for personal use and use for non-commercial, under the condition not to adjust or delete symbol or mark possessive which appears on your information that access, copy, download or order print. Furthermore, do not use this website competition with NHG.

You agree to do not disturb or try to disturb website operation in any process. NHG reserve the right to limit or suspend any time, whether total or some part without notice beforehand. In order that suspending is not disclaim or any measure of NHG by the law.

Information on the website is general information and may have history information which is a reference. The information appearing on the website may be incorrect, incomplete, or improper according to the present, and you shall not decide to take any action by hold the information that appears on this website. The risk of using this website is at your own and 

NHG has a right to adjust, always change information on website discretion by NHG solely.


Trademark and copyright

NHG owns the information and copyright, trademark, symbol, service mark, and brand name whether to register or not that appear on this website and another component on any page on the NHG website. No permission or consent to access information and copyright, trademark, symbol, service mark, and brand name without consent writing by NHG or define on the website.


The information that you give on the website

You agree and ensure that this is your own or access your information and all information is correct, proper, lawful and not violate any regulations on the website and create harm to any person, and you shall remedy any damage which NHG receives caused by your information.

Do not upload or disseminate information that 1) classified, have owner, lied, deceive, profane, defame, obscene, threaten, violate a right of person or right of intellectual property or the information that illegal with whatever 2) may have a virus, tend to political campaign, chain letter or spam mail. Furthermore, do not use e-mail or use information that lied identity, counterfeit yourself become other or lead to misunderstanding about the data source. Do not upload data for a benefit to commercial on this website.

NHG has a right to use, repeat, adjust, disseminate, translate, and continue the work or distribution data that you give it to this website worldwide on any. You allow NHG to use your name to involve that information as NHG wants. NHG shall use all personal information that you give it on this website follow by the privacy policy on this website.


Performing on website

Using website some part may register or use the password. NHG has a right to refuse your registration or cancel membership and your account or do not any person to use this website.


Connection to another website

This website may have hypertext connect to another website which not any relation with NHG. You shall examine the regulation of using and careful about using that website.


Connection another website to this website

When you need to connect your website to this website, go to www.namhenggroup.com by asking for consent from NHG. Do not permission connection that (1) connection from website that contrary to public order or good morals or by the law (2) connection that infringement copyright of NHG by the way to confuse that content website forms NHG (3) connection from website that distorts content or affects to reliable of NHG in product or service (4) connection for purpose to commercial (connect to seek to benefit)



To using website or in case you download data and any component from website, data and that components are incorrect, sufficient, modern, suitable, reliable and non-virus, Computer Worm, Trojan Horse, Spyware or Malware or safety website or accessing this website ; You agree to take the risk from loss, damage, cost of computer system or communication tool or any equipment which access to this website include losing the data, damage indirectly result from using website or download data and component from website.


Limitation of liability

In case any damage include loss, damage or any cost whether direct or indirect or Consequence which cause by your information on website, if you using website or another website connection to this website, if any person cannot be using website or caused by outsider access to website system or caused by failure of working, mistake, exclude, halt, error, imperfect, virus computer. Although NHG receive the report that may lose, damage, or any cost; you agree to take a risk yourself by using website


Right omission 

To right omission and/or delay a right whether any part of NHG shall not that NHG disclaims according to agreement or conditions. NHG still reserves the right to choose as above.


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