Privacy Policy


The information gathers through the website by NHG

For example, your data provide to NHG and your access data service, which may consider that personal information protection according to private right.


Collection of Personal information 

NHG may collect personal information through the NHG website, and according to the privacy policy, you can selectively provide your personal information or not. However, if you do not specify personal information, it may use the website inefficient; Therefore, NHG may collect your personal information by using a cookie or another similar equipment.


Use of personal information

NHG may use personal information according to the purpose of this policy or another object while collection data or agree after NHG collect the data. NHG shall keep your personal information as long as we need to follow that purpose.


Disclosure and personal sharing information

NHG shall not sell or disclose personal information to outsider except:

  1. The law or proceeding order to disclose or reveal to an officer, government officer, or agency which has a force to order or petition by the law.
  2. When NHG considers that there is a necessity to disclose information to protect the damage or loss or for investigation, which may be illegal.

NHG may share your personal information between NHG Affiliates and share personal information to a service provider of NHG or service provider which appoint by NHG to you. NHG and these service providers shall not disclose your personal information except as mention above or by the law. NHG reserve the right to transfer personal information if distribution or transfer business or asset of NHG.


 Protecting personal information

NHG had provided protection measures of personal information through by NHG website. Make sure not disclosure, accessible, or destroy personal information without permission.


Changes to the privacy policy

NHG may adjust this privacy policy without notice by announcing on website and revise latest date. NHG advises always to examine this policy. By using product or NHG website service, after that changes to the privacy policy, we consider you already agree with changes to the privacy policy.


Another website privacy policy link to NHG website

Another website link to the NHG website may have a privacy policy itself. You shall examine when you visit that website. NHG shall not any liability causes by material or using that website.


The information provided through mobile devices

If you use the location-enabled product, it may send your location information. NHG shall collect and use this information service provide to you.

A mobile application that using a website may use a cookie web beacon or another method to adjust your website browser setting.

Some mobile applications may use Google analytic or similar equipment to collect your data in private, to help NHG improve the product, service, and adjust application. In order that NHG shall acknowledge that only to know how many users in service provide and features through that application include the equipment information, type of hardware, country and language that use to download.

Using NHG information received in the mobile device by the Privacy policy.


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