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  Steel Wire Rods Namheng steel produces steel wire rods in accordance with Thai Industrial Standard 348-2540 ranging from 5.5 mm. to 12 mm. in diameter, weight 2000 kgs./coil. The SWRM6, SWRM8, SWRM10, SWRM12, SWRM15, SWRM17, SWRM20, SWRM22 wire rods are used ingalvanized iron wire for armoring, nail, mosquito nets, etc.  
  Billet Steel  Namheng steel products billet steels 100x100mm.+2.5mm. in dimensions, length 12m.+0.1m., 6m.+0.1m., 3m.+0.1m., average of weight 935 kgs./solid to length 12m. and billet steel 150x150mm.+5mm. length 11.5m., 12.1m. average of weight 2099 kgs./solid to length 12m. density 7.80g/cm3 of consistent as raw-materials and supplies to construction industry steel round bars, steel deformed bars, steel wire rods, try-quare, steel spindle, etc.  
  Steel Deformed Bars Steel Deformed bars are made in accordance with Thai Industrial Standard 24-2536, ranging from 12 mm. to 40 mm. in diameter. SD30, SD40 and SD50 standard grades are used for high-strength reinforced concrete.  
  Steel Round Bars Steel round bars are produced in accordance with Thai Industrial Standard 20-2527, ranging from 6 mm. to 25 mm. in diameter. The SR24 standard garde is used as reinforcement in concrete for general construction purposes.